Recent Activities

(January 2017-Al-Rumaitha)-IIRL Funded Activity: Winter Warmth - Cold winter weather in Iraq can make the lives of those in need all the more challenging. Our generous donors and the assistance of activist Sadiq Al-Rumaithi made it possible for IIRL staff to distribute heaters, blankets and other supplies in the Al-Rumaitha area. The recipents were families of fallen soldiers and orphans.

(December 2016-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - IIRL staff and volunteers celebrated the end of the year holidays with 86 Christian, Muslim, and Yazidi orphans. The children received gifts and clothes and enjoyed an uplifting musical performance by Ms. Annie Iskander and her chorus. We at IIRL wish everyone a peaceful and prosperous new year.
(October 2016-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Back to School - With the 2016/2017 school year starting, IIRL helped many orphans and displaced children get ready by providing school supplies and clothing. We hope they have a happy and successful school year. As always, none of this would be possible without our donors' generous contributions. A special thank you to Mrs. Sundus Al-Taie and Mr. Muhammed Al-Rubaie for their valuable efforts.
(September 2016-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Eid Al-Adha -IIRL Staff celebrated Eid Al-Adha with orphans in Iraq and distributed gifts, sweets, and Eid clothes to more than 100 orphans from various districts of Baghdad. On this occasion, IIRL would like to express its appreciation for all the hard work and the goodwill that contributed to the success of this event and helped to make these children happy during this joyous occasion. Although it may seem like a small gesture, it means so much to these innocent children. We at IIRL are humbled by your trust and are grateful to be able to serve the community.
(July 2016-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Eid Gifts for Orphans - Recent acts of terror in Baghdad made this Eid difficult to celebrate. Despite our collective sorrow, however, IIRL felt an obligation to bring some cheer to the orphans of Iraq. IIRL distributed Eid clothes and gifts to 88 orphans during a small ceremony celebrating Eid Al Fitr. Special thank you to Ms. Annie Eskander, a member of the Iraqi Symphony, for performing for the children with her distinguished music and positive energy. As well as Mrs. Sundus Al Taie & Mr. Muhammed Abdul Nabi for their wonderful work, may God reward their good deeds.
(June 2016-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Ramadan Food Baskets - As part of our annual plan, IIRL staff along with some excellent volunteers distributed 100 food baskets to poor families, especially those with orphans and widows, throughout Baghdad (areas covered included:- Karrada , Al-Ameen, New Baghdad, Dora, Abu Dshir, Zaffraniya, Al-Ma'amel, Al-Obeidi). Each basket contained 16 basic food items sufficient to meet the needs of the families until the end of Ramadan, Earlier in the month, IIRL also provided water coolers to a displaced families staying at Prophet Yunus complex to help them overcome the heat of summer.
(April 2016-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Spring Celebration - IIRL Staff with the help of Ms. Sundus Al-Taie and Mr. Mohammed Al-Rubaie and other volunteers, organized a special day for orphan children in Baghdad. The event included rides, treats and gifts for everyone. It was a day full of smiles and laughter, something these children deserve after all they have endured.
(February 2016-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Helping the Sick - IIRL staff handed out gifts and financial aid to 45 children diagnosed with cancer and being treated at Al-Tibb Hospital.
(January 2016-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Happy New Year - IIRL hosted Christmas & New Year's celebrations with displaced children from the Christian community in Iraq. IIRL staff distributed gifts and wished them a quick and safe return to their homes in the new year. We wish all of IIRL's supporters a happy new year and thank you for your generous contributions. May peace, security, and love prevail over Iraq and the world.
(October 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Visit With Wounded Soldiers - IIRL staff was able to visit with several injured soldiers of the Iraqi Army and heroic volunteers at Al-Tibb Hospital. They were offered boxes of sweets with thank you notes of appreciation for their incredible sacrifice and bravery. IIRL wishes them a full recovery and swift return to their families.
(September 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Gifts for Eid Al-Adha - Generous donors made another successful Eid event possible. New eid clothes and gifts were given to over 100 orphan children. IIRL staff were grateful for the opportunity to help put a smile on their faces.
(September 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Back to School - With the beginning of the school year, IIRL distributed school uniforms and backpacks to more than 100 children of Iraqi Soldiers killed in the line of duty. This was a small act of appreciation for the tremendous sacrifice these families have made to fight terrorism in Iraq.
(July 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Celebrating Eid with Iraqi Children - As the atrocities committed by ISIS members continue in Iraq, IIRL volunteers and donors try to provide some relief to the victims. In celebration of Eid, gifts and clothing were distributed to over 100 children who have lost parents as a result of ISIS terrorist attacks.

(June 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Aide for Families of Fallen Soldiers - During the blessed month of Ramadan, thanks to the generosity of our donors, IIRL staff was able to provide 50 families with food packages. The food packages contained rice, sugar, lentils, flour, oil, dates, tomato paste, milk, tea, and chicken. These families have endured the loss of a loved one who gave his life trying to protect their fellow countrymen and women from evil forces. We hope they are honored as martyrs.

(June 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Military Appreciation- IIRL staff distributed food and clothing to Iraqi military personnel in appreciation of their courage and sacrifice in defense of Iraq and its people of all faiths, ethnicities and sects. These brave individuals have protected the nation against the terrorist organization, ISIS, and we pray for a swift victory so that they may return to their families.

(April 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: Orphan Day- IIRL staff commemorated Orphan Day by visiting local orphans and making the day special for them. They celebrated with games, cake, and gifts for the orphans. These brave children have endured so much in their young lives and our staff was glad to see them smile and laugh. Thank you to our generous donors who were able to make this event possible.

(March 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: GIFTS FOR AL-BALADI HOSPITAL PATIENTS- Al-Baladi Hospital provides treatment for genetic blood diseases. IIRL staff visited orphans and impoverished children receiving treatment for thalessemia at the hospital. Staff distributed monetary assistance to help pay for these children's treatment and toys to lift the spirits of these brave patients.

(February 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: WORLD CANCER DAY- IIRL staff observed World Cancer Day (February 4, 2015) by visiting children currently seeking treatment at Al-Amal (Hope) Cancer Hospital in Baghdad and asking them what kind of toys they wish to have. With the help of generous donations, IIRL staff purchased these toys and delivered them to the children either at the hospital or at home. Monetary donations were distributed to contribute to their treatment as well. IIRL staff prays for the speedy recovery of these brave patients and was happy to be involved in an effort that brightened their day.

(January 2015-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: GIFTS FOR ORPHANS- In conjunction with the commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), IIRL staff distributed clothes and sweets to approximately 98 orphans. 15 displaced families from Anbar province also received these gifts.

(December 2014-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM IIRL - IIRL Staff celebrated New Year's Eve by distributing cake and refreshments to 6 different compounds of displaced persons. Happy New Year to all, May 2015 be filled with peace and prosperity for all the people of Iraq.

(November 2014-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: IDP ASSISTANCE - Due to the increase of displaced persons under the current circumstances, IIRL staff doubled its efforts in recent days to provide aid to the familes affected. Displaced families of Tal Afar currently residing at the Al-Khuld school in Baghdad Al-Jadidah area were provided with heaters, water heaters, food, toiletries, and bedding. Additionally substantial food packages were given to 33 families originally from Mosul but now residing in Baghdad Al-Jadidah area. IIRL also provided 3 pregnant women amongst the familes with mattresses, infant blankets, baby clothes and towels.

(November 2014-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: IDP ASSISTANCE - With the onset of cold winter weather, IIRL staff, in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Rights (MOHR), distributed 14 water heaters to help provide warmth to approximately 100 displaced families from Mosul and Tel Afar who are currently residing in a fish market at Boub Al-Sham district in Baghdad. Their isolated location has limited their access to outside assistance making it difficult for them to fulfill even basic needs. Additionally IIRL staff distributed humanitarian aid to displaced Yazidi families who are currently living in different parts of Baghdad

(October 2014-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: IDP ASSISTANCE - IIRL staff continued its efforts to support displaced communities by distributing food to nearly 100 Christian families that left their hometowns as a result of the terrorist threats of ISIS. Our sincere thanks to our generous donors and dedicated volunteers who made this project possible.

(September 2014-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: EID CLOTHES- IIRL distributed Eid clothes to approximately 80 children of displaced families who are living in two schools in Baghdad.

(August 2014-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: IDP ASSISTANCE- In recognition of the massive humanitarian crisis resulting in hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons, IIRL raised funds and distributed water filters, refrigerators and other critically needed materials to displaced families arriving in Baghdad.

(July 2014-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: EID GIFTS- IIRL, in cooperation with the Sponsor an Orphan Project, conducted an Eid Gift campaign which included 35 families from different areas of Baghdad. This initiative is part of the Institute's "Access to Justice for Poor Families" program aimed at helping vulnerable and marginalized families financially and legally.

(June 2014-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: RAMADAN BASKETS- IIRL, in cooperation with the Iraq Health Aid Organization, distributed Ramadan food baskets to orphans and their families from various parts of Baghdad including Saydiyya, Doora, Bayyaa, Hayy Aamil, Hayy Jihad, New Baghdad, Zaafaraniya, Hayy Risala and many others.

(Sept. 2013-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: BACK TO SCHOOL- The IIRL team, accompanied by a number of law professors and students, visited some of the poorest neighborhoods in Baghdad. They met with families who lost their head of household in terrorist operations in order to assess the orphans' needs for the beginning of the school year. This also served to encourage parents to send their children to school. The next day, the IIRL team distributed school uniforms and backpacks to more than 128 orphans as part of IIRL's plan to encourage kids to go to school and understand its importance for their future.

(Jan. 2013-Beirut)-World Bank Funded Activity: ACCESS TO JUSTICE- IIRL in cooperation with the World Bank and the Iraqi Higher Judicial Council organized a workshop on "Access to Justice" for vulnerable and marginalized groups in Iraq. The workshop included a number of government officials and addressed justice-related services to the poor, such as the Higher Judicial Council, Ministry of Migration, Ministry of Justice, Property Claims Commission, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs as well as the Higher Commission for Poverty Reduction Strategy. Also, law professors, members of Iraqi Bar Association and human rights activists participated.

(Sept. 2012-Baghdad)-IIRL Funded Activity: IIRL organized a donation and visit to the Child Care Center for Orphans and Street Children.

NGO Registration Re-certified IIRL is one of a small group of NGO's to have its Iraqi NGO registration re-certified in compliance with the 2010 NGO law. Read more about this on our IIRL Rule of Update Newsletter- Sept.2012 (Ar/En)).

(Feb./Mar. 2012-Baghdad)-World Bank and IIRL Donations: IIRL completed and submitted its Access to Justice Assessment to the World Bank under the sponsorship of the Japanese Social Development Fund. IIRL also completed an assessment of the Dina Institute for Orphans and Disabled Persons. After an initial solicitation and collection of donations, our Baghdad team delivered the food, clothing, and other personal care materials. (Read more about this on our IIRL Rule of Update Newsletter-English).

(Jan. 2012-Baghdad)-National Endowment for Democracy Program: IIRL celebrated the successful completion of its 'Enhancing the Role of Civil Society in Supporting Judicial Independence' program with the Iraqi Committee for Judicial Independence (ICJI). (Read more about this event on our IIRL Rule of Update Newsletter-English and IIRL Rule of Update Newsletter-Arabic).

(Dec. 2011-Beirut)-National Endowment for Democracy Program: IIRL organized a study tour to Beirut for the Iraqi Committee for Judicial Independence (ICJI) to evaluate the status of judicial independence in the region. (Read more about this event on our IIRL Rule of Update Newsletter-English and IIRL Rule of Update Newsletter-Arabic).

(Nov. 2011-Baghdad)-National Endowment for Democracy Program: IIRL organized a seminar on Administrative Courts and Human Rights at the Judicial Development Institute (JDI). The keynote speaker was Mr. Ahmad Al-Mainy, Assistant Counselor with the State Shura Council and the participants included judges, attorneys, law professors and civil society representatives.

(Oct. 2011-Amman)-World Bank Program: IIRL facilitated 2 consultations with the Iraqi Commercial Court and the State Shura Council to design support programs in the area of Private Sector Commercial Development sponsored by the World Bank. (Read more about this event on our IIRL Rule of Update Newsletter).

Institute Programs

IIRL* Objectives

  • Acknowledge and support the long and respected judicial tradition in Iraq and work to ensure its continued independence.
  • Bolster the Rule of Law in its various manifestations and provide assistance to needy individuals and groups to redress human rights violations.
  • Build internal capacity among Iraqis themselves with courses, conferences and symposia in order to develop internal safeguards to Rule of Law based legislation and institutions
  • Buttress efforts to write and support a constitution which reflects the aspirations of the Iraqi people and guarantees the Rule of Law

*pronounced EARL for ease of reference